Multifunctional "ASAN payment" system provides possibilities to make payment of fines, public utilities, cable TV, mobile operators, Internet and other payments in a short time, in a safe and convenient mode. Covering a large area within the country, "ASAN payment" terminals are available for 24/7 payment, as well as through portal and "ASAN Pay" mobile application on any service, with no limitations.

"ASAN Pay" users:
Within a short period of introduction, it has covered a wide audience of users and the biggest users’ base has been registered. Join "ASAN payment" system and provide an easy and convenient payment services to your customers!

The advantages of "ASAN payment" system:

An access to completely secure payment is ensured

Payment possibilities without registration;

Payment possibilities are realized through bankcards with no commission

Portal and terminals with convenient use Reception of 24/7 payments

The terminals cover a large area within republic.