System functionality

ALISA (Automated Library Information System of Azerbaijan) system as a complex project has been created for the development of library system in Azerbaijan.   

The system completely automates internal library processes and library-reader relations and makes it possible to create necessary environment for this process. The main purpose on writing and installation of the program is its integration in any library of Azerbaijan Republic, complete automation of internal library processes, creation of online services and providing operative services.

Online mode enables to access the system from any point of the world. All activities of the library, such as creation of directories, acquisition, book order and delivery, registration of readers and information about employees have been taken into account in the system.  

Application areas:

  1. ANAS Central Library
  2. 37 libraries in Azerbaijan Republic

Advantages of the system:

  1. Unified Automated system based on the latest web technologies
  2. Unified portal for all libraries to create their own pages
  3. Unified Reader card 
  4. Interface with easy installation procedure for users and localization to any language
  5. Full support of national symbols
  6. Full support of International MARC21 format for automation of libraries
  7. Advanced search system for any types of documents and data
  8. Usage of system both directly via the Internet and locally

ALISA modules:

  1. Organizational structure
  2. Mini HR (internal user reader base)
  3. Security and authority module
  4. Dynamic search module
  5. Dynamic reports module
  6. Acquisition
  7. Catalogue
  8. Copies
  9. Document history
  10. Source
  11. Order
  12. Delivery
  13. Reserve
  14. Advanced search module on books
  15. Readers' private rooms
  16. Reader's book reservation module