GoMap Mobile Applications


Overview/description of the solution

Provides access to GoMap.Az services through handheld and embedded devices.

Features of the solution

There are the following types of mobile applications:

  • iOS, Including iPhone and iPad;
  • Android;
  • Web Interface for mobile browsers. Can be used for all platforms.


GoMap - The most detailed map of Azerbaijan and Georgia. Find objects, get detailed information about them, plan routes and take the road.

Native Mobile Applications used GoMap Services

Native mobile applications provide most convenient access to mapping and informational services of GoMap.Az portal directly without web browser. Native applications reduce network traffic and save battery. Current Applications include iPhone, iTab, Android phones and tables.

Portable Navigation Systems

Portable Navigation Devices (PNDs) uses embedded map and navigation graph to form small simple navigation devices.

Integration of GoMap.Az and PNDs gives the following advantages:

  • GoMap.Az provides navigation system with the map and graph;
  • Feedback from PNDs in its turn used to improve GoMap.Az map

Mobile Web User Interface is designed to use web browsers of mobile devices. The interface has the following features:

  • Access to GoMap.Az without mobile application installed;
  • Adapted for small screen and limited resources;
  • Supply actual geographical location;
  • Automatic and manual activation.