System functionality

Docnet - document flow system is a software that allows to automate such important tools as creating, approval and signature of documents and control process on implementing of tasks on documents while using the system. The system ensures registration of incoming documents and correspondence.

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System advantages

• Maximum agreement with the legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic on records management and current workflow structure of state institutions

• Advantage to sign, view and authorize for the document from anywhere in the world

• Ability to perform any work related with documents, using mobile phones while traveling, business trips, meetings or simply when you are not at work

• The system is web-based  (access is performed by “Chrome” and “Mozilla”programs), all users work on the server

– all this moments allows to prevent document loss incidents

• Localization of the system in Azerbaijani, Russian and English

• Search module (attributive and full text) and saving of search configurations

• Recipients that sign correspondence and other dynamic directories;

• Ability to use the system on mobile devices Android and Apple iOS, as well as on tablets.

• Using the program in signing or approval process of the document allows to display the signature (handwritten signatures are visualized in the system) in the document like in a paper document. 

• The program automatically determines the cases of nouns in Azerbaijani (to whom, by whom, and so on.)

• Ability to scan documents using a special pen scanner «CPen»

• Coloured indication of seals on a document

• Ability to save the electronic database of all documents in the electronic archive module

• Automation of the specific work processes, increase of efficiency for full control. Ability intensify the process, to reduce the influence of the human factor, to identify and eliminate shortcomings in the work of the Ministry

• Efficient organization of services provided to citizens and Citizen Satisfaction etc.

• Creating an electronic archive for all documents and ability to search

System modules

  1. Registration of all incoming and outgoing documents
  2. Document preparation and approval
  3. Sighting and signing of documents 
  4. Implementing of  tasks on documents
  5. Control on implementation
  6. Document registration
  7. Advanced search on document names and meta- data
  8. Notification
  9. Availability of mobile version of the system (Android and iOS operational systems)
  10. System administration, organizational structure (internal divisions, employees,foreign organizations and embassies, their staff unities and other) and security
  11. Change mechanisms