IDRAK Technology Transfer Company

The company “Idrak LTD” was founded in 1990. In 2003, the company was registered under the name of “IDRAK TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER”. Main activity of the company is design, implementation and accompaniment of information systems with different levels of complexity. The company offers solutions in the fields of hardware and software development, production, system integration, maintenance and support. The company also provides strategic business solutions in the fields of B2B, B2G and B2C. In the company, works are performed in full compliance with ISO 9001 standards. Our goal is to provide the customers with complex services that incorporate all the stages “From idea to product” in the product cycle.

Beginning from 1990, the Company started to cooperate with state authorities. During these years, a system for issuing driving licenses, a vehicle technical passport issuance system, a system for issuing technical inspection marks and various systems of state and corporate levels were applied.

Beginning from the early 2000s, the Company began to participate in the development of complex information systems and software. During this period, the following systems were created and applied:

  • A system for issuing national identity cards (e-ID)
  • A system for issuing electronic passports (e-Passport)
  • A system for issuing visas to foreign citizens
  • Border control system
  • Safety systems – “Safe city”, “Safe region”
  • Freight transportation safety system - “Electronic filling”
  • Monitoring systems of the persons controlled – “SHANS” and etc.

Most of these systems are applied in Azerbaijan and some of the CIS countries.

In 2014, design department was established for design, modeling and creating prototype of various apparatus in the Company.

Beginning from 2016, development and creation works of electronics began in the Company.

From 2018, “Factory of smart objects” started to operate. In this factory, relevant works are carried out for manufacturing of high quality products by introducing innovative technologies.

46, Abbasgulu Abbaszadeh str., Badamdar, AZ1004 Baku, Azerbaijan

 Phone: +994124479720
Hikmat Abdullayev
Member of the Supervisory Board