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B.EST Solutions is devoted to leveraging the most anticipated digital solutions of our time and sharing them with every member of the global community, creating an easier, more secure world for people, businesses and governments. We represent an energetic quest for a better future.

The company’s technology has so far reached 52 countries, starting with the eye-catching projects it launched at its head office in Baku, Azerbaijan in 2008. e-&m-ID ecosystem with more than 50 million transactions made in the first 4 years, connected to more than 600 public and private e-services.
Additionally we are proud to be the first company to export the Estonian e-governmental solution “X-road”, which is a data-exchange platform. Since then, Azerbaijan has become a global success story. It has balanced its economy, grown its national wealth and, thanks to having one of the most transparent, business friendly environments in the region, it has leapt ahead in the World Bank's Ease of Doing Business Index. Most notably, Azerbaijan has become a major Digital Trade Hub. Today Azerbaijan benefits from having the world’s most advanced digital identity ecosystem, which gives countries financial environment  nprecedented security, transparency and reliability.


Yana Krİmpe
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